Founded in 2016 by Royal College of Art alumna Queenie Chan, a Hong Kong-born British designer. QUIN is a London based contemporary womenswear brand with a subtle approach to design aesthetics. It is a world where textures and attention to detail are key to offer the wearer not only beautiful clothes but the attitude of being refined in one’s own style.

QUIN is based on the concept of making use of clever and indirect methods to achieve subtle beauty. The essential components of the brand are simplicity with clean refined silhouettes, mixing contrasting and textured fabrics. This is how the brand creates feminine yet boyish aesthetics, expressing a delicate, poetic yet relaxed style with no compromise to quality craftsmanship. QUIN takes inspiration from contemporary visual arts and everyday life, focusing particularly on subtle details, combining current fashion culture and wardrobe staple pieces to put a fresh twist on timeless design. 

QUIN stands for being effortlessly chic and seductive in a subtle way, on an accessible daily basis.