The QUIN AW18 collection continues to develop its simple brand philosophy of effortless sophistication and refined beauty, whilst evoking the subtle sensuality of the city after dark.

This collection takes inspiration from adventures to the Sky Garden, a cosmopolitan oasis hidden in the centre of the urban jungle. The colour palette draws on the breathtaking views of rich green architectural foliage set against a cloak of deep midnight that twinkles with a metropolis of stars.

Clean relaxed silhouettes place the QUIN women at the heart of the city and provide a fluid transition from day to night. Oversized coats and wide leg trousers utilise windowpane check to reflect this striking glass structural environment while fine wool twill creates soft smart day wear. The collection reflects the QUIN woman's inquisitive nature and gentle playfulness with sheer silk devoré and metallic pleats that offer a hint towards the glitter of the night skyline and provide the perfect mood to slip into at dusk. 

From the graceful femininity of the flowing cold shoulder dress and ruffles boho blouses, to the crisp cut boiler suit and blazers, the QUIN AW18 collection offers something for every mood of the QUIN woman.

Quintessentially QUIN.


Jewellery by Alice Bosc